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Artist Profile

Robert "Bobby" Miller


A Michigan native now residing in Dallas, TX, started expressing his encrypted abstract thoughts through art in December 2011. The name “Canvas Bully” represents the artistic taking of aggression and transforming it into something positive in the form of art. It is an attitude that exudes confidence, forward thinking and the idea of never settling.


Through his art, the Bobby strives to be bold enough to use his own voice, brave enough to follow his heart, and strong enough to live the life he’s always imagined. His inspirations lie in an eclectic taste of music, motivational quotes, life’s daily journey and a personal mission to ensure life continues to progress daily. It is his hope that his work will serve as positive motivation for people of all walks of life. 


Bobby has exhibited in galleries in Dallas, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles. His work was selected "Best of Show" in 2019, and "Honorable Mention" in 2017 and 2018 in the abstract showcases presented by the Texas Visual Arts Association Gallery.

His work has also been featured in "After the Rubbish" a Google Art Gallery exhibit presented by Art Above Reality in 2014. 

He describes his work as being a "Chaotic Calm."

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